Welcome to Holy Cross Convent High School, Kolhapur

Mother Claudine

Foundress of the Congregation
of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod
(1801 – 1869)


Enterprising Echernier, Courageous Claudine our Mother dear
your Children all to Christ Win, in Self-denial and humility
Lead us to the Cross to glory, by charity.

Hail Claudine France’s Fair Flower
Blooming sweetly on lowly bower
Haute Savoie saw thy humble birth
Thy fragrance spreads o’er the earth.

In Thee the Master had His Way
He, the potter and thou the clay
In surrender to His holy will
Calmly waiting yielded and still.

In the footsteps of Christ the Teacher
Untutored, teaching thy main feature
In the Footsteps of Christ the worker.
Thy toil worn hands resting n’er

We’ll follow in thy Simplicity
Mother we’ll imitate thy Poverty
Prayer, gospel, Cross we will love
Teach us these lessons from above.

Holy Cross Logo rounded

The School Motto gives a special identity to the School.
In it are enshrined the name, the motto and the ideals of our school.

The School Emblem consists of:
A Cross
Which Symbolises LOVE

Arrow & Stars
Which Symbolises ACHIEVEMENTS

Which Symbolises HONESTY

Which Symbolises SACRIFICE

Each Symbol in the Emblem represents a House viz.,
Cross: Red House

Arrow & Stars: Blue House

Light: Green House

Wheat: Yellow House

The light you see to the lower right, is a fitting symbol of learning and letting our light shine. It also represents the School’s Motto inscribed on the lower scroll ‘Let your light shine’.

Let this simple motto be an inspiration to our students to fulfill in themselves the great ideals of their Alma Mater.
Every student of the Holy Cross School Is Lighted to enlighten others.